Uten-Matic*, works as an assistant, empowering the users in organizing the traditional way of utensil cleaning and saving nearly 75% of the water being consumed, and also making the entire process efficient and hygienic.

The product is used manually for cleaning & rinsing utensils of various shapes, designs, and materials with ease making it user-friendly and providing hygienic cleaning. Primarily, the product is designed for conserving water and for the masses as it is cost-effective (in comparison with an automatic dishwasher), and affordable (in running cost).

Uten-Matic* can clean various types of utensils and of any material. The traditional way of utensils cleaning consumes anywhere between 40-60L of water per cycle, wherein, using Uten-Matic a user would be using between 10-15 L of water for cleaning and rinsing up to 50-60 utensils.

Uten-Matic* provides hygienic cleaning, it can operate hot water (60-70 degrees) and applies only 0.5 ML of liquid soap per utensil, which is immediately rinsed, therefore, there are almost zero soap deposits left on the utensils. For rinsing, the device consumes 150-300ML of water per utensil.

Uten-Matic* works with most of the standard scrubbers available on the market and the standard green scrubber can very easily be attached to the device for cleaning. The user is not obligated to purchase scrubbers from us and can replace the scrubber as needed.

The freshwater supply to the machine can be provided in two ways.

It can be connected to the RO supply water (inlet) using the connectors provided. Or it can be connected to the wall socket using the connectors provided by us. The device is 12V DC operated and consumes electricity equivalent to an electric bulb.

The product has been applied for Patent & Trademark registration.

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