We invented an affordable semi-automatic mini dishwasher named Uten-Matic*. It works as an assistant and helps the user organize the traditional way of cleaning utensils. The traditional way uses 40-60 liters of water, wherein, Uten-Matic reduces the water consumption by 75% and uses only 10-15 liters of water for cleaning up to 50 utensils.

The user uses the machine manually, and a few push buttons can operate it. A one-liter storage tank can store very hot water (up to 70 degrees) for cleaning. We recommend adding 15-20 ml of liquid soap into the tank. This mixture provides hygienic cleaning. The machine connects to a freshwater supply for final rinsing.

The machine uses a soft steel scrubber to clean dirty or greasy food residues. However, the user can also connect the routine green scrubber and is not obligated to purchase scrubbers from us. The machine is quite powerful and can generate enough torque to withstand the force being applied for cleaning. It works on a 12v DC supply and consumes electricity equivalent to an electric bulb, approximately 36 W.

Demo Videos