We invented a semi-automatic hand-held dishwasher named Uten-Matic, which works as an assistant, empowering the users in organizing the traditional way of utensil cleaning and saving nearly 75% of the water being consumed, and also making the entire process efficient and hygienic.

The product is used manually for cleaning & rinsing utensils of various shapes, designs, and materials with ease making it user-friendly and providing hygienic cleaning. Primarily, the product is designed for conserving water and for the masses as it is cost-effective (in comparison with an automatic dishwasher), and affordable (in running cost).

When in operation, the user using a few push-button switches can operate the device as needed to dispense the liquid soap, start the scrubber motor for cleaning, and also rinse the utensils with fresh water for final cleaning in a controlled manner.

“The device is fitted with a powerful motor for producing the torque required for cleaning tough stains and also to withstand the force being applied for cleaning. There is an internal tank that can store up to 1 liter of hot water (60-70 degrees).
We claim that the device can clean & rinse between 50 to 60 utensils per run and consume a maximum of 10-15 liters of water. Wherein, in the traditional way, an average of 50- 60 liters of water is consumed, thus, reducing the water consumption by nearly 75%. The device consumes nearly the same amount of water as in the case of an automatic dishwasher”
The product has been applied for Patent# 202111033439 & trademark registration.


  1. Can use hot water for cleaning, thus providing better and hygienic cleaning.
  2. Offers the comfort of cleaning with hot water in winter.
  3. Safe for hands.
  4. Conserves water.
  5. Economical.
  6. Can be operated by anyone to offer assistance with housework.
  7. Amazing substitute in the kitchen if the house-help is on leave.

Cleaning Demonstration