Introducing the Uten-Matic*, our innovative and affordable semi-automatic mini dishwasher. It streamlines the traditional method of cleaning utensils by acting as an efficient assistant. Unlike the traditional method that requires 40-60 liters of water, Uten-Matic reduces water consumption by 75% by utilizing only 10-15 liters of water to clean up to 50 utensils. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually washing dishes and hello to a smarter and more sustainable way of cleaning with Uten-Matic.

Introducing Uten-Matic*, our affordable and innovative semi-automatic mini dishwasher that revolutionizes the traditional way of cleaning utensils. With just a few push buttons, Uten-Matic acts as your assistant to make dishwashing a breeze. It reduces water consumption by 75% compared to the traditional method, using only 10-15 liters of water to clean up to 50 utensils.

This machine uses a one-liter storage tank to store very hot water (up to 70 degrees) mixed with 15-20 ml of liquid soap for hygienic cleaning. For final rinsing, it connects to a freshwater supply. Uten-Matic is powerful and can generate enough torque to clean tough food residues using a soft steel scrubber. It's also versatile, allowing users to connect a routine green scrubber.


Uten-Matic provides several benefits including offering the-


1. Comfort of cleaning with hot water in winter,

2. Conserving water,

3. Being safe for hands,

4. And being economical.

5. Anyone can operate it to assist with housework, making it a great substitute if the house help is on leave.

6. Plus, Uten-Matic comes with a one-year warranty on all electrical parts except for the power adapter.

*Uten-Matic is patent and trademark pending.

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